Art deco coffee tables

A good antique French coffee table will add a unique touch to any modern living space. It can blend in with contemporary modern decor or it can look perfect with traditional antique French furniture. A quality piece of antique furniture like this will add personality to your home while bringing sophistication to the decor. A coffee table with legs can be a beautiful addition to a modern living room. Its legs are typically made of wood or strong metal. They can come with a simple carved design or one carved in interesting shapes and patterns.

Good condition Vintage end tables often have interesting details. If you have one that has intricate detailing in its legs, it will be worth more money than an ordinary wooden or wooden leg version. Gorgeous coffee tables with vintage designs are available and can be had at very reasonable prices. These include those made from solid walnut, antique rosewood and others. They are all known as being in the French Art Deco or Vintage style.

Mahogany is another popular wood for vintage-style tables. It was widely used during the period of antique French furniture. There are solid mahogany veneers and those that are carved in interesting patterns. It has a warm dark colour that some find very attractive. The rich mahogany colour goes well with other modern furniture.

The top of a mahogany coffee table is usually carved with a pattern or floral motifs in the scroll work. Mahogany is finished with sealed pores that protect the wood from moisture. Cleaning mahogany is easy, as it requires no special treatment. If cleaning is required, it should be done with soap and water. However, the marble top attracts stains so this requires professional assistance.

An end table is often accompanied by a shelf or a desk. The two are not necessarily designed for each other, but if they are combined, the effect can be quite pleasing. The antique style of this piece is often made from mahogany or rosewood. It can come in an assortment of woods, walnut and antique pine.

Antique and vintage coffee tables

Many people have noticed that antique reproductions of this type of coffee table are starting to appear. These look very similar to the original pieces, but have been reproduced to fit into today's home. They are available at lower prices and can be a great buy for any antique enthusiast. There are also modern reproductions available. In general, they are very nice.

One of the most popular styles is a two-drawer coffee table with a walnut or antique finish. The wood is not usually stained but is instead painted white or another light colour. It has a drawer on each side with matching shelves. The tops of the drawers are usually a variety of colours or a single plain colour. The bottom of the case has a sort of central slot that can be used to store cards. In fact, one of the earliest models of this type of table was designed with a tray top design to hold playing cards.

Coffee tables with a vintage look are certainly interesting and a good investment if you're looking for an antique piece to add to your home. You may also want to invest in an editorial table to match your vintage piece. Both pieces offer a place for treasured photos of your family, and you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of your vintage furniture for many years to come.